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Top 5 Destinations in Myanmar You Shouldn't Miss to Visit

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Myanmar is a country known for its exoticism, rich culture, ancient heritage and geographical diversity. Located in the South East Asia, Myanmar has been able to attract so many tourists worldwide because of its peaceful environment that exists under the realm of nature, taking you away from the madding crowd. There are a number of attractive places in Myanmar that together make this place a number one holiday destination for travel enthusiasts.

Every year thousands of people visit Myanmar to enjoy the exquisiteness and beauty of this place. Because of its culture uniqueness, historical values and incredible architecture, the country has been able to garner the attention of visitors who cherish such ancient values and make them feel blessed seeing them. No matter, whether you want to enjoy adventure tourism or simply want to embrace the natural beauty of this country, you can always find reasons to fall in love with Myanmar. There are a number of things to see and visit in this country, so if you are planning to enjoy this year's holiday in myanmar people, don't forget visiting these great travel destinations to have a fun travel experience.

So, let's discover the leading attractions in Myanmar and the country's amazing uniqueness:

1. Yangon

Formerly known as Rangoon, Yangon is a beautiful place known for its 19th century colonial architecture. The place boasts friendly street vendors, traditionally dressed local people, Chevrolet buses and much more, giving a museum like feel to the visitors.

In the heart of the city of Yangon, there is a famous landmark called Shwedagon Pagoda, which plays a very crucial role in the country and its history. It is a sacred place for the local people, and a must watch to the visitors of Myanmar.

2. Bagan

In the past it was known as Pagan, and it's a place where the country's ancient history and architecture lies. Located at the upper part of the country, Bagan is the capital of Myanmar first dynasty. The area is famous for more than 2,000 temples, stupas and Ayeyarwady river.

3. Mandalay

Mandalay is a beautiful place located near the most historical Ayeyarwady river and the Shan State. The place is located at the center of myanmar people geographically, which somewhere makes it an economic hub of upper Burma and is considered a great place to discover the culture of this country. The major attraction of this place lies in the way transportation has been used by the local people. The place is known as Cycling city where the local people prefer to travel on bikes rather than relying on any other form of transport.

4. Inle Lake

Located in the Shan Hills, Inle is a freshwater lake covering a number of villages and the foggy mountain ranges. The air of this place is a bit colder and dry, which eventually makes it weather quite different from other places of this country. The strong point of Inle Lake lies in the way fisherman row boats using their legs, which is also a part of Inle's people tradition.

5. Golden Rock

Golden Rock is a famous place to visit in Myanmar. Known as KyiteHteeYoe in the country's language, Golden Rock is popular for its religious values and also attractive sights. It is the third most important Buddhist Pilgrimage site in burma people after Shwedagon Pagoda.

Apart from the mentioned places, you'll also find some exciting beaches and hotels with full of luxury accommodation Myanmar along with some reliable travel agencies who can guide you to the right way.


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